Creoir Harmony Watch concept debuts at Mobile World Congress 2015


Creoir Harmony Watch concept debuts at Mobile World Congress 2015

The beautiful new wearable that summarizes your wellbeing in one single glance


Crafted using ceramics, leather and stainless steel, Harmony visualizes motion, light and sleep in one interface



Harmony Watch concept by Creoir


Quick Pitch:

Unveiled at Mobile World Congress is the Harmony Watch concept, created by Creoir. Beautifully crafted in ceramics, leather and stainless steel, Harmony Watch is a wellbeing wearable designed for women that visualizes the balance of motion, light and sleep in one interface.


Key Features:

·      Harmony Watch – a new wearable designed to help users balance their wellbeing

·      Simple and unique interface visualizes the balance of motion, light and sleep in one single glance

·      Award winning design-led approach that challenges unfashionable stereotype of all smart watches

·      Harmony’s new concept focuses on fashion and functionality


Barcelona, Spain. 1st March 2015 – Creoir, a specialized product house that designs and develops tailored wireless devices, today debuts the Harmony Watch concept at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Harmony Watch is a beautifully crafted new wearable designed for fashion and health conscious women. Made using ceramics, leather and stainless steel, Harmony Watch monitors motion, light and sleep, visualizing the balance of these metrics in one interface for users at a single glance.


Harmony Watch aims to challenge the perception that activity trackers and sport watches are obtrusive and an unattractive for women to use. Creoir’s innovative design-led approach makes the Harmony Watch a must-have for users, serious about their long-term wellbeing and healthy lifestyle. The design was inspired by the harmony rules of classic geometry, which influences people’s perception on beauty, propositions and balance.


Creoir leads the way for revolutionizing the market for wearable wellbeing devices that suffer from short lifespan due to unsatisfactory user experience. Instead of short-term actions and one-sided monitoring, the Harmony Watch is about the long term, focusing on those key areas that promote a lengthier and more active lifestyle – motion, light and sleep.


According to industry research, most activity tracking products suffer from short usage periods and tend to be abandoned after just a few months of use. They offer little or no use as standalone wearable and simply get forgotten. The technology itself does not justify the place on the wrist. The launch of Harmony Watch concept signals a shift towards a wearable product needing to do more than just monitor elements of a user’s lifestyle – it has to represent who they are. 


“Today we introduce the Harmony Watch concept, combining a beautiful design with state-of-the-art user interface, built for checking a person’s overall wellbeing at one glance”, said Pekka Väyrynen, CEO, Creoir Ltd. “By combining our award-winning industrial design and experienced engineering skills, we are creating disruptive concepts and devices for consumer brands and OEMs.” Väyrynen continued.


The philosophy behind the design is to bring longevity and elegance combining an analogue quartz watch with unique harmony rings displaying the tracked metrics relating to activity, light and sleeping patterns.  User can see from a single glance how balanced their wellbeing metrics are. The goal is to combine timeless beauty with functionality and simplicity.


Harmony is the latest wearable concept from Creoir, a company that designs and manufactures tailored wireless devices for consumer brands. Harmony Watch can be viewed at the Team Finland stand at Mobile World Congress, located at 5C31 in Hall 5.


Video link to Harmony watch:

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About Creoir Ltd

Creoir Ltd is a specialized product house that designs and develops tailored wireless devices such as wearable’s, smart phones, sport computers and other wireless products to consumer brands and our partners globally. Our complete solution includes also manufacturing and after sales services. Based in Oulu and Helsinki, Finland, Creoir provides hardware and software design and engineering services across all phases of product development. Winners of the Red Dot and 2015 IF Product Design Award, the Creoir team has developed over 50 mobile devices and hundreds of concept designs to Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Jolla, Suunto, LG, Lenovo, Sangfei, Uros, and Huawei - sales hundreds of millions. Creoir offers an end-to-end service for consumer brands providing access to the latest technologies, development processes and testing facilities as well as component sourcing and manufacturing.


Contact Details:

Pekka Väyrynen        +358 400 357 849     

Juha Rytky                +358 40 934 7117  





Creoir wins iF Design Award 2015 with Velo Smart Mechanical Watch

We are Winners in the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015!

For over 60 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized the world over as a label of design excellence. The iF logo is an internationally established symbol identifying outstanding achievements in design.

We are thrilled to let you know that our Velo Smart Mechanical Watch has received an iF DESIGN AWARD 2015 and that we are among the winners of the renowned iF label. The number of competitors was huge: the international high-profile jury assessed almost 5,000 entries from 53 countries in order to determine who would receive this coveted seal of excellence.

Our Velo watch was entered in the discipline Professional Concept / category Mobility.

Velo will also be featured in one of three subsequent special shows in the iF design exhibition Hamburg. The iF design exhibition Hamburg is a permanent exhibition located in the very center of Hamburg’s Hafen City, the go-to place for those with a special interest in design and architecture.

Address: Hongkongstrasse 6, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

About Velo Smart Mechanical Watch:

Velo combines a mechanical high quality Swiss watch movement to smart watch electronics. The steel chassis envelops two crystal windows, on top and below. The windows show the dial with hands and the round high-resolution color touch-screen display on top and the mechanical movement below.

The design is inspired by the track cycling sport, honoring the shape of a velodrom and the silent speed of the extreme but classic bicycle constructions.

It connects to iOS and android phones. Features include the most important and useful functions: sports tracking, message and call notifications and music controls.

Velo speaks of beauty and longevity.



Creoir presenting at Baselworld 2014

This week Creoir is at the Baselworld 2014 - The World Watch and Jewellery Show meeting brand customers and our partners.

At the Baselworld we are presenting our latest innovation in the smartwatch design and technology by presenting the latest addition to the Ibis design line - this time for men; Black Ibis - combines classic mechanical watch and exciting optical design with measured smart watch functionality.

Black Ibis manifests an unseen way to combine the fine heritage of watch making with the smart watch functionality thus creating a composed design watch of the future.

Want to see Black Ibis in person at Basel - call +358 40 722 8928.


MWC Reflections

Thank you for everyone taking the time to meet us at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. We are extremely excited about the media coverage and the interest level on the introduction of the Ibis smart watch concept. It proves that our approach of combining an astonishing design with the latest technology is the way to go forward. The technology is only an enabler for wearable devices - people want to wear unique, beautiful products which truly represent their personality and life style.

This is just the beginning, stay tuned for our new introductions coming out shortly!

Kind regards,
Pekka Väyrynen

The Ibis, Dual Face Smart Watch, Debuts at Mobile World Congress 2014

Barcelona, Spain – 24th February 2014 – Product creation house Creoir Ltd debuts the Ibis smart watch today at Mobile World Congress. The Ibis ushers in a new category of wearable technology that is driven by the latest style trends. The Ibis is challenging consumer perceptions about smart watches being cumbersome and unattractive. The Ibis is wearable jewellery that integrates the latest technologies for a seamless experience. Beautifully crafted in crystal and stainless steel, the design was inspired by a flying bird whose wing tips touch together while carrying a young bird on its back, symbolising the precious and personal current of information on your smart watch.

Ibis&Ava iPad reso.png

Any watch, smart or not, is personal style statement by the wearer. The Ibis brings an innovative design-led approach to the nascent smart watch industry where fashion will be a key driver of smart watch sales for consumers. According to industry research company Gartner Inc., most smart watches have not achieved mass-market appeal due to the lack of innovative design. The majority of products that have been launched so far have displays that many consumers will find "unstylish & clunky" due to their bulkiness.


We believe the demand for smart watches will be driven by fashion and sport brands, and the Ibis exemplifies the type of product that we create for fashion brands, said Creoir Ltd CEO Pekka Väyrynen. He continues, “Every brand has its own design language, so with each client we start from scratch to develop a product that specifically matches the brand and their audience. With our expertise, we can provide consumer brand owners with everything they need to have a real advantage when entering the smart device space.”


The philosophy behind the design is to bring longevity and elegance in the form of bracelet combining an analogue quartz watch with a smart watch display that is future proof due to its unique user interface. The aim is to combine timeless beauty and functionality.


The Ibis smart watch features include:

• Stainless steel and crystal materials

• Low power optimised Android platform with custom UI

• Interoperable with iOS and Android

• OLED display with integrated touch

• Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connectivity

• Accelerometer, e-compass and ambient light sensor

• Remote control and notifications with your smart phone



The Ibis is the latest concept smart watch from Creoir Ltd, a company that designs and manufactures tailored mobile devices for consumer brands. The Ibis design can be viewed at the Team Finland stand at Mobile World Congress, located at 5F31 in Hall 5.

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Creoir at Mobile World Congress 2014

Creoir will attend the MWC 24 - 27 February in Barcelona. You can find us at the Team Finland stand, located at 5F31 in Hall 5.

We are going to announce something beautiful at the MWC, so please stay tuned....