iot case: container tracking and environmental conditions

Millions of tons of fruits are shipped from South to North every year. The voyage will last anywhere from several days to weeks, sometimes as long as two months. It is crucial that the conditions in containers during the trip stay within pre-determined limits. Otherwise there is an unpleasant surprise waiting at the destination.

There are means to measure and store the environmental conditions but the devices available are hard to use and in order to retrieve the data, they need to be connected to a computer via USB at the destination. This has been proven to be an unreliable way to track the shipments and their conditions.


IOT solution to measure environmental conditions

Creoir developed an easy to set-up and use IoT platform based container tracking system for MOST, a Swedish company offering innovative tracking solutions for logistics utilizing the latest IoT-technology available. The environmental conditions are recorded and automatically sent to a web service whenever there is a cellular connectivity available.

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