Creoir team participated in two industryhacks in October 2016. The first one was #hackthefoundry at LeinoCast and the second one #HackTheFactory at Ponsse.

Creoir’s versatile IoT solution and innovation were put into a test in both of these challenges. The key to success was clearly understanding the customer needs and challenges in a real factory environment. After the factory tours and comprehensive analysis, Creoir team was able to find optimal solutions for both of the challenges.

In LeinoCast challenge the team came up with a solution to measure mould's humidity and temperature in order to reduce moulding defects. The competition was tight and Creoir finished on second place in the challenge.   

In Ponsse challenge the Creoir team focused on improving the in-bound material logistics. According to Ponsse jury, the Creoir solution was practical and further improving the material flow to Ponsse. Creoir was awarded with second place in the challenge.

Overall the success in Industryhacks shows that Creoir’s IoT solution has a lot of potential for various use cases and is able to adapt to many different customer specific challenges. We will continue to gain more understanding of customer needs and will further develop our IoT offering.

Thanks for the Industryhack, Leinocast, Ponsse and fellow competitors for excellent atmosphere during the Industryhacks. Great people, great spirit!

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