Creoir is excited to announce the partnership with MOST, a Swedish company offering innovative tracking solutions for logistics utilizing the latest IoT-technology available.

The MOST solution is designed to monitor the total supply chain in number of industries. Users of the service will get real-time data on location, temperature, light, humidity and shock over the intuitive MOST Web interface. With the plug-and-play capability to attach an external sensor via USB port on the MOST tracking device, the solution can be further tailored to support various kinds of use cases. The device stores all the measured data during the journey and backups the data to the cloud.

In the year 2020 there will be up to 26 billion things, objects and systems that are communicating via the internet. Creoir and MOST are well prepared to provide services to any company looking for intelligent solutions connected to the internet.

MOST (Swedish Mobile Sensory Technology AB) is a Swedish company specialized in providing innovative tracking solutions for various kinds of industries. The company brings together a group of experienced Swedish entrepreneurs and investors. MOST’s group of investors includes the creators of gaming company King Digital Entertainment (NYSE: KING).

Creoir is a Finnish product house combining Scandinavian design and vast wireless engineering skills. Creoir designs and develops tailored mobile devices such as smart phones, IoT-solutions, wearables and other wireless products with digital services.

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