Oulu, Finland, January 4, 2018 – Creoir today announced a Far-Field Voice Solution based on NXP i.MX applications processors and Synaptics AudioSmart® voice DSP aimed for professional applications and high performance connected devices.

Voice has become the most natural interface for interacting with consumer electronics, from wearables and speakers to smart home appliances. With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligent (AI) systems, there is a growing need for advanced industry grade solutions for demanding human machine interface (HMI) applications.

Creoir has developed a professional grade far-field voice solution in co-operation with NXP Semiconductors and Synaptics. The fast and flexible solution supports major AI platforms such as Alexa Voice Services (AVS) and IBM Watson. The design with System-on-Module (SOM) approach enables fast prototyping and straightforward product development of professional applications such as industrial control, automotive infotainment, advanced HMI, building automation and high performance connected audio devices.

NXP’s i.MX applications processors offer the scalability to meet the requirements that are unique to each customer design. The applications processor portfolio ranges from the i.MX 6 series for general purpose applications and i.MX 7 series for low power applications to the new advanced i.MX 8 series which  enable rich interactive high performance multimedia and audio experiences. Furthermore, NXP’s Product Longevity program ensures a stable supply of components minimum of 10 years from product launch. 

Synaptics’ AudioSmart® Voice DSP guarantees superb far-field performance, enabling seamless hands-free voice control of devices from any direction even while music is playing. The advanced voice processing algorithms include Smart Source Pickup (SSP) noise suppression and full-duplex stereo Acoustics Echo Cancellation (AEC). Due to Synaptics’ multiple platforms, the Creoir Far-Field Solution can be configured to support either 2 or 4-microphone arrays depending on the application.

The solution comes with Yocto Linux SW image with AVS client and Android companion app enabling out-of-the-box prototyping for Alexa-enabled applications. In addition, Creoir offers professional engineering services for system integration and product development of voice-enabled products and applications.

Creoir Far-Field Voice Solution is showcased at CES 2018 at NXP Semiconductors Booth, LVCC Central Plaza - CP-25.

About Creoir
Creoir is a Finnish technology and engineering company with extensive experience in designing wireless devices, IoT solutions and voice-enabled products. By using the latest voice processing technologies and their in-house test facilities in Oulu, Finland, Creoir helps companies to bring voice-enabled products to the market. Creoir offers both technology solutions and turn-key product development services for products with great voice user interface. Find out more at www.creoir.com.

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