Creoir Expertize on Audio and Acoustics Utilized on NTT DOCOMO’s Far-Field Voice-Enabled Simple Mic Bluetooth Speaker

OULU, Finland – April 5th, 2018. NTT DOCOMO, INC. (“DOCOMO”), Japan’s leading mobile operator, has introduced their far-field voice-enabled product, docomo Simple Mic wireless speaker. The Simple Mic is a Bluetooth speaker which connects via docomo Smartphone or docomo Tablet devices to DOCOMO’s voice agent service utilizing its cloud speech recognition technology. It enables far-field hands-free operation with Japanese voice commands to, for example, make calls, ask for information or enjoy high-fidelity experience when listening to music. The device is equipped with a 1,480 mAh battery and comes with a wireless charging desktop holder.

The development of docomo Simple Mic was made in close co-operation between DOCOMO, Synaptics, Sensory, Vitec Global Electronics and Creoir. “We were delighted to work with such world class companies as DOCOMO, Synaptics and Sensory”, says Pekka Väyrynen, CEO at Creoir. “Our expertise perfecting the speaker’s acoustics design and far-field speech recognition performance for docomo Simple Mic with Synaptics Audiosmart® far-field voice processor was highly appreciated by our customer.”

Docomo Simple Mic will be available throughout Japan at DOCOMO retail stores. Find out more about docomo Simple Mic at

About Creoir

Creoir is a Finnish technology and engineering company with extensive experience in designing wireless devices, IoT solutions and voice-enabled products. By using the latest voice processing technologies available and their in-house far-field audio test facilities, Creoir creates voice-enabled products to its customers. Creoir is located in Oulu, Finland and has sales office in Silicon Valley, California. Find out more at