Product design and development services

With our carefully thought-out and fixed price product design and development service packages, you are always in control. You know exactly what you get and select how much you invest. You can pick and choose a service package you need or go through the whole product design cycle from analysis to maintenance with us. At the end of each phase, you always get a fixed price quote on the next - you choose how you wish to continue. Safe and flexible? Yes, we think so too!



Product Design Services – The Process


Together we will form a shared understanding of a clear goal in order to know where to aim.  You get a careful analysis of your business opportunity and technology options tailored to suit your specific needs for product design and development.



We will find the perfect recipe to make your idea come alive. Chipset, display, back-end or the coolest app UX – you will get a detailed product description, along with an estimate of sales start date, product price, detailed development schedule and the needed investments. We can also offer appearance models, rapid prototyping, visualization, videos and demo devices for sell-in.



We make everything ready for you: the product implementation, certifications and finding the right suppliers and manufacturers. In addition, we handle all the complexity of leading a multidisciplinary R&D project for you, so you can focus on building your business.  You will get a tested and certified product ready for mass production start and market entry.



We will make sure you get the most out of your business and have satisfied customers. We manage the manufacturing, customer care, life cycle updates and eventual production ramp-down for you. You will get an optimized production quality, quick corrections to customer errors, product repairs and replacements. Hassle free.

Check out our reference cases or contact us for further information about product design services!