Integrating voice service to a product requires expertize in many different technology areas. To recognize speech from a distance in noisy conditions, you must pay special attention to echo cancellation, voice processing and acoustical design for microphones and speakers.

We help companies enable voice to any product. We combine our audio and acoustics design with Synaptics AudioSmart® voice processing technology, and offer solutions that work well in noisy, real-world environments.


Voice integration service packages

We work with our clients on fixed priced projects. The projects consist of service packages which cover every phase of the product development.



Deliverables: High level specification
Duration: 2 weeks

  • Recommendations for product development and voice service integration
  • Technology evaluation based on the product requirements
  • High level audio specification and development schedule

Audio Concept

Deliverables: Audio concept verified
Duration: 3 to 5 weeks

  • Audio and acoustic design into customer’s industrial design
  • Simulations for audio and acoustics
  • Proof-of-concept using Creoir's reference design with integrated voice service (such as Alexa Voice Service)
  • Concept validation in Far Field Test Lab

Product Development

Deliverables: Product ready for sales
Duration: 3 to 8 months

  • Detailed product audio and acoustics design and simulations
  • Voice service integration, testing and optimization
  • Product verification in audio labs (acoustic characteristics, speech recognition and wake-word performance, Alexa Voice Service pre-certification etc.)
  • Design for manufacturability and certifications

Far Field Testing

Deliverables: Measurement reports

  • Performance tests in Far Field Test Lab (noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation etc.)
  • Wake-word performance testing (such as false rejection and false acceptance)
  • Alexa Voice Service far field certification readiness